Historic photographs lend us visions into the culture creating work of Peter Macchiarini and his cohorts, as they produced the oldest urban street fair in the United States!

Join us for the 57th Annual North Beach Festival and a historic look back to the Upper Grant Ave Street Fair from which it (and every other street fair in the US) grew. June 18 and 19, 2011  .  10 am to 6 pm  .  FREE!

"The North Beach Festival, started by a committee that included renowned sculptor and metal artist Peter Macchiarini, began as the Upper Grant Avenue Street Fair and is the oldest urban street fair in the United States."

Dive deeper into our history and the history of street fairs in general in this fascinating article by S. Reynolds in Northside San Francisco Magazine!

This weekend we will be showing original photographs of the Upper Grant Avenue Street Fair from way back when, and the committee who made it all happen! Come satiate your thirsts for history and join us in paying homage to Peter Macchiarini and the folks who worked so hard to give us this great tradition!

We are mesmerized by one particular photograph taken by THE  Joe Rosenthal! It is hauntingly breathtaking. We hope you might come by to see it and the rest of our collection in person!